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Bullet Buster Small Arms Munitions Demil/recycle:

Timberline Environmental Services performs all Small Arms and Demill services at the Houston Facility located at 3225 Honea Egypt Road, Montgomery, TX 77316


  • Up to 50 caliber with 100% recycle recovery
  • Environmentally clean and compliant
  • Completed 1.2 million pounds for Joint Munitions Command
  • Trailer mounted
  • Can be outfitted for any fuel
  • Deflagrates up to 50 caliber at 550 degrees does not smelt metals
  • Weighs approximately 7K
  • Ease of operation, 54,000 thru-put per 12 hours
  • Advantages over open burning does not pollute the air, soil or water table
  • Can be accomplished in windy and rainy weather
  • Requires less personnel involvement
  • Limits personnel exposure to hazards
  • Can take the unit to the bullets vs. taking the bullets to
    open burn area
  • No preparatory work Involved (excavation, dunnage, fuel oil)
  • No MHE involved for trenches and backfilling
  • Performs a complete destruction of bullets (open burning destroys 80% at best)
  • P.R.O.P. our unique "project recycling offset program" can return our recycling overhead cost back to the project, in effect reducing the actual billing cost to the prime contractor

Shear Power

  • Demilitarizes larger ordnance items
    such as Mark 80 series practice bomb
  • Items processed meet DoD demil
    specs 4160.21-M-1
  • Processed material is ready for
    reclamation or recycle
  • Average rate of production: 35-40 Mark 80 per hour

Ord-A-Shred System (OSS)

  • Demils OE items up to 105mm
  • Surpasses DoD demil specs 4160-21-M-1
  • Processes material to recycle
    specs 40CFR, Chapter 1, Section261
  • Can be transported direclty to site
  • Videotaping equipment provides
    permanent record of destruction
  • Video camera inside magazine allows operator
    to monitor operations


Mini Gilla

OSS - Ordnance Shredding

Bullet Master

Sheer Power

hub zone certified


California HUBZone
Certified #47824

Recent Projects

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