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Design, Build, Test, and Field technologies for the UXO industry.
UXO Demil Demil Services

TES employs state-of-the-art mechanical disassembly equipment to demilitarize small
arms ammunition by mechanically separating
it into its component parts (case, powder, and projectile). The demilitarized ammunition components are sorted to recover the reusable components that can be
sold to the ammunition market, and the balance that can't
be is recycled as scrap.

UXO Demil Site Preparation

Site Preparation: 

The first step in all Range Remediation efforts is site preparation. Vegetation removal and visual identification of MPPEH (Material Potentially Presenting Explosive Hazard) must take place prior to removal activities in order to determine the extent of contamination.

UXO new technoligies Technologies

TES' array of services and patented
equipment designed specifically for demil and site preparation operations allow us to develop the safest, most cost-efficient plan for your
                      remediation project.

UXO services

UXO is What We Do

TES has the ability to function as a Prime or
a Sub-Contractor.

TES also owns its own fleet of armored and remotely operated equipment, as well as proprietary equipment for the disposal and processing of Material Documented As Safe (MDAS), such as the Ord-A-Shred System (OSS) and Crush-n-Go(CNG) systems.

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UXO services

Our Philophosy

"Safer, Faster, Cheaper"

Customer Satisfaction is a top priority.
TES strives to come in on time, ahead of time and under budget. TES has always been known for its innovative approach to trouble-shooting, creating outside-the-box solutions to problems and challenges .

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UXO services

Full Remediation UXO Services

A leader through innovation... others try to measure up to.

TES now hold 3 patents on equipment designed and built specifically for the explosive environment the UXO industry entails. Equipment such as the OSS (Ord-A-Shred System) for safely processing ordnance-related scrap.

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