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Design, Build, Test, and Field technologies for the UXO industry.


Timberline Environmental Services (TES) has strived to be a leader in innovative methods to perform critical functions in support of UXO/MEC remediation efforts.
TES is committed to continuous process and design improvement with all our proprietary equipment.

TES' array of services and patented equipment designed specifically for demil and site preparation operations allow us to develop the safest, most cost-efficient plan for your remediation project.

Ord-A-Shred System (OSS)

  • Demils OE items up to 105mm
  • Surpasses DoD demil specs 4160-21-M-1
  • Processes material to recycle
    specs 40CFR, Chapter 1, Section261
  • Can be transported direclty to site
  • Videotaping equipment provides
    permanent record of destruction
  • Video camera inside magazine allows operator
    to monitor operations

Range Master

  • Remediate heavily contaminated UXO
    sites to 12" below ground surface
  • Clear UXO and range clutter for ID
    and disposal in a single pass
  • Manned orRC operation
  • RC operation up to 1.4 miles, non-line-of-sight
  • Armored for unintentional detonation of 105 mm p

Shear Power

  • Demilitarizes larger ordnance items
    such as Mark 80 series practice bomb
  • Items processed meet DoD demil
    specs 4160.21-M-1
  • Processed material is ready for
    reclamation or recycle
  • Average rate of production: 35-40 Mark 80 per hour

T.A. Z.
Tractor-Accessorized Zerriest

  • Armored to survive unintentional
    detonation of 75mm HE
  • Grinds trees up to 18" in diameter
  • Cleanly removes and masticates
    vegetation at desired height
  • Interchangeable heads for variety of technical approaches
  • Hard Target removal and disposal

Armored Equipment

The original ESS was filed in May 2003 with DDESB. The armoring was done with Huntsville guidance; Michelle Krull, Dept. Of the Army issued all the requirements. We are armored to withstand an unintentional detonation of a 75mm M48.

Armoring consists of ¾” AR 574 steel plate and 2 ¾” Bullet Resistant glass. The operator is fully encapsulated; this is over and above the existing cab structure on the machine to begin with. TES’ armored equipment includes:

TES has used this equipment on every job site we’ve been on since 2003, including:
  • Former Fort Ord
  • Holloman AFB
  • Elkton Farms
  • Ft. Belvoir
  • MCAS Yuma
  • NAF El Centro
  • Vieques, Puerto Rico>


Range Master

Mini Gilla

Bullet Buster

OSS - Ordnance Shredding

Sheer Power

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California HUBZone
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USACE Huntsville Ft. Benning, AL

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URS Group Inc. Air Force Beale AFB

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