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Emerging Technologies


An industry leader in demilitarization, Timberline Environmental Services, Inc. has developed a pass-through thermal treatment closed disposal process (TTCDP) for the disposal of Military Munitions. TES has completed bench scale and prototype testing for the unit, “Magilla”. TES Magilla can easily dispose of explosive items such as M77 Grenades without intact fuzzes.

TES has substantial experience in the demilitarization field including processing of millions of pounds of MDAS and MPPEH through three patented systems; The “OSS” Ord-A-Shred System, “CnG” Crush-N-Go, and the “Bullet Buster” Thermo Deflagration unit. The Bullet Buster has processed 1.2 million pounds of code H ammunition for the Joint Munitions Command. TES is the current prime contractor for the Air Combat Command’s 5-year IDIQ contract for R3 services. The TES patented Magilla Ordnance Thermo Deflagration Unit is based on the APE 1236 thermo unit that has been successfully utilized by the ARMY since the 1960’s. This TTCDP combines existing technology and TES’s vast experience in thermo treatment through its Bullet Buster program. Magilla sets TES apart from others attempting to use a batching approach that has no guarantee of 100% success. These batching approaches require a greater level of human to ordnance interaction that provides a greater risk not experienced with our system.

The TES Magilla system has been designed to incorporate the effective components of the proven processes. Both the APE 1236 and the LTTD soil system were designed to handle a variety of contaminants. The consistency of the single waste stream has allowed TES to refine the Magilla treatment system. The TES Magilla system consists of a rotary furnace control house and pollution control system. This technology has been built, operated and proven capabilities in other applications and accelerates the ability to provide a fully operational TTCDP.




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